Well, it's 2012, and so it's time for some news and updates!

As many of you know, the Sunshine Brothers band has been on a hiatus, while Owen Plant and Christopher Tyng pursue other creative projects. There's no current word on when some new Sunshine Brothers music might be released, but there's quite a few new songs [as well as some great live recordings of your favorites] sitting on multitracks in Chris' studio... so you never know! In the meantime, the Sunshine Brothers website will still be here where you can check in for news, or head over to our store for Sunshine Brothers' albums, T-shirts and other merchandise. Owen continues to put on great solo shows from his new hometown of San Francisco, as well as playing shows through California and other parts of the country, and has incorporated many of the Sunshine Brothers' songs into his set while also playing songs from his back catalog and adding some brand new solo material as well. A whole new San Francisco and northern California crowd has been introduced to the Sunshine Brothers' songs in this way, and we warmly welcome those fans! And, for those long-time fans missing their SunBros fix, be sure to catch Owen when he's next in your neighborhood - you won't be disappointed! You can check out his calendar, and more news about him at

Also, you may be interested in heading over to Christopher Tyng's brand new official site at, to catch up with the Sunshine Brothers' song producer and the other half of the Sunshine Brothers' songwriting team! In addition to continuing to write and perform the music for Matt Groening's [The Simpson's] huge animated cult-hit "FUTURAMA," Chris was tapped to write all the vibey, retro-soul and indi-band music for the new USA Network hit TV show "SUITS." The show has just been nominated for a SAG Award, and he'll be digging into the upcoming 2nd season soon, so keep your eyes out for this great new show! Also on Chris' website, be sure to check out the GROW MUSIC PROJECT, Chris' recently announced new music cultivator and "new artist launchpad" for 2012! 25 inspiring new artists/bands will be discovered, selected, and get the chance to work with Chris and have their best song produced and recorded at his world-class studio, and all debuted at a collective online showcase - and all for free!

All in all - - - There's sure to be some great new music in 2012!

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